Test #5: “Re-designed credit card offer”


Provide a redesigned offer (use bolding, action words, value prop, and layout with more space around numbers that are relevant to the offer) that simplifies the benefits of a credit card offer and increases the number of click-thrus to the sign-up page.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):


Traffic Source / Segment:

Desktop traffic only

Summary of difference(s) between variations:

Figure 1: Variation A – Original  (48% of traffic)
Figure 2 – Variation B (Test) (47% of traffic)
*** WINNER ***


Sample Size & Test length:

Approx. 405,092 visitors were randomly shown either variation over the same 27-day period in 2016.


By simplifying the copy and layout of the credit card offer and statement credit, it will be easier for customers to understand the offer and find the value in it — which in turn will help increase the click-thrus to sign up for the card.


The test variation B increased conversions by +17.56% with 100% significance.

Actionable Takeaways:

While we could not point to a single change as having specific impact, the holistic changes were effective.  Users do not like to have to think and do math – make it easy on them to understand the offer and you will get better responses!

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