Optimize the experience. Maximize the profit.

Digital platform + Optimization expertise = More money.

When it comes to ancillaries, one size never fits all.

It’s all about merchandising. If done right, ancillary sales present a huge opportunity for distributors. At Fusion, we’re constantly testing and optimizing how ancillary products and offer variations perform. Across customer segments, across channels, and across time.

How we make it happen.

Fusion is fast.

In a single moment, Fusion can match a customer persona with statistically backed merchandising that is projected to be the most successful offer at that moment.

Merchandising that gets results.

Fusion can help you increase transaction values and take your sales to a whole new level. We also understand that higher revenue doesn’t mean anything if profitability drops. Fusion optimizes sales based on margin and profitability.

Wherever you want to take your e-commerce strategy, we help you get there.

Know Your Customers

We help you get to know your customers so you can understand what they need and how they make purchase decisions.

Personalize Their Experiences

The days of the generic offer are over. It’s all about delivering a relevant, optimized user experience. By personalizing the medium, the message and the offer, we can convert shoppers into buyers faster, better, more accurately, and more profitably.

Create Great Moments

By leveraging data-driven testing and our team of experts, we create personalized online experiences that resonate with the customer. And an engaged customer is a loyal one.

Proven Analytics Suite

  • Test Implementation
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Test Planning & Strategy
  • Segmentation
  • Multi-Channel

Deep Knowledge.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. Our team provides in-depth reporting and analysis of how we’re driving growth for your business over time.

Multi-Channel Touchpoints across the Sales Cycle.

Add-on. Upsell. Cross-sell. We do it all. Plus, we deliver at every step throughout the buying process from browsing to checkout. We’re there at the exact second your customer is ready to purchase — and then we help you make the most of your relationships well beyond the actual transaction.