Test #1: “Shop and Enroll”



A large healthcare insurance provider wanted to increase their click-thrus to their ‘Shop and Enroll’ page which would ultimately result in higher sales by removing the second pod, increasing the size of their main CTA button, and changing the color of their main CTA button to green from blue.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Traffic Source:

Desktop traffic only

Summary of difference(s) between variations:

Figure 1: Variation A – Original landing page (70% of traffic)

Figure 2 – Variation B (Test) featured a larger, green CTA button and removed the extra block of information below the CTA. (30% of traffic)
*** WINNER ***


Sample Size & Test length:

Approx. 15,000 visitors were randomly shown either variation over the same 2 week period.


It was suspected that visitors have competing elements on the main page that may confuse them and/or limit the number of click-throughs to the shop and enrollment page. By removing bottom pod, there is less content to read. By adding the larger CTA button to the top pod further emphasizes the CTA. The green color is perceived as positive and also means “go” – so this color generally works better for CTA buttons than other colors.


The test variation B increased clicks on the “Shop and Enroll” Call-To-Action (CTA) by +30.02% with 100% significance.

Actionable Takeaways:

Test to find the optimal content needed to get customers to proceed through the purchase process. The less “mental load” you ask of a consumer, the better and the least amount of text needed to read before making a decision to proceed (or not) is best.  Button colors alone can have a significant effect on customer’s willingness to take action.  The color green works well because this color is ingrained in most consumers minds subconsciously as “Good”, “Go!” or “Proceed!”.  Also, small changes like this can make a big difference in your bottom line!

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