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A Static User Persona is a Bad User Persona

What a User Persona Typically Is:

Most User Personas are created by making a description of one or more “users”. They tend to be filled with quirky personality details and made up information. Throw in a name, a fake picture and voila! You have (as an incredibly simple example):

“Hugh Sampson a 47 year old father of

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Personalizing The Airline Experience

Do you know where your customers live? Do you know where they like to fly? What class they prefer and if they like extra legroom? Do you know if they are married or single? You should.

It is impossible to make informed decisions and offer your customers the best airline experience without leveraging the immense amounts

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The Right Product = Better Customer Experience

Creating a better customer experience can seem awfully complicated. And maybe it is.


Source: http://en.community.dell.com/
After all, today’s customers interact with brands everywhere from Facebook to print ads to telephone calls.  But getting customers the right product at the right price is still an awfully effective piece of the strategy for keeping customers happy. And in an online environment, accomplishing that

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