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Re-designed credit card offer

Test #5: “Re-designed credit card offer”
Provide a redesigned offer (use bolding, action words, value prop, and layout with more space around numbers that are relevant to the offer) that simplifies the benefits of a credit card offer and increases the number of click-thrus to the sign-up page.
Key Performance Indicator (KPI):
Traffic Source / Segment:
Desktop traffic only

A Static User Persona is a Bad User Persona

What a User Persona Typically Is:

Most User Personas are created by making a description of one or more “users”. They tend to be filled with quirky personality details and made up information. Throw in a name, a fake picture and voila! You have (as an incredibly simple example):

“Hugh Sampson a 47 year old father of

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Adding a caution message

Test #4: “Adding a caution message”
We mentioned in a previous post that users typically have one goal when they come to a site, and purchasing ancillaries is usually not that goal. The challenge becomes how to get the customer’s attention and provide a compelling reason for them to consider adding an ancillary. Most of us

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Five Reasons Customers Convert

People like to think they are in control of their actions. However, decision making is influenced by two parts – external and internal motivators. External motivators are demographics. They’re life experiences and attributes causing groups of people to share interests and spending patterns. They’re why millennials plan trips around adventure while GenXer’s and Baby boomers

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CTA button color change – How this resulted in a +30.02% lift!

Test #1: “Shop and Enroll”
A large healthcare insurance provider wanted to increase their click-thrus to their ‘Shop and Enroll’ page which would ultimately result in higher sales by removing the second pod, increasing the size of their main CTA button, and changing the color of their main CTA button to green from blue.
Key Performance Indicator

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The Impact of a Stronger ‘No’

‘No, thanks.’

We say it all the time.

Many times, we are so pre-occupied with what we’re doing that we don’t take a moment to consider what it is we are actually declining.

Since we were children, we’ve been taught to be polite when declining things we’re not interested in. This tendency is reflected in the design of

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