Machine Learning Scientist


We are looking for outstanding machine learning scientists who will be responsible for conducting applied research by conceptualizing, designing, implementing and validating potential models for use in production systems.

Job Functions:

  • Gather and analyze data, identify key prediction/classification problems, devise solutions and build prototypes
  • Formulate machine learning approaches while paying attention to business metrics, design features from available data; train, evaluate, and deploy models
  • Research and implement methodologies to measure the impact of the technology
  • Research, design and trial statistical and machine learning models to support Fusion’s optimization products and teams
  • Assist product and engineering teams in deploying models to production through technical specifications, collaboration and ad-hoc training in the mathematical concepts used
  • Train data analysts and operational teams in using these models
  • Investigate data and performance anomalies
  • Assist sales and marketing teams in major evangelization efforts

Minimum Qualifications:

  • M.S. or Ph. D in Statistics or Machine learning or equivalent
  • 0 to 2 years of relevant experience
  • Complete autonomy in Python Scikit or R programming (e.g., engineer features, train models, perform ad-hoc simulations, report through charts and summary tables)
  • Fluent use of SQL databases & data files
  • Good knowledge of Bayesian Statistics (e.g., Posterior updates & Conjugate distributions, Bayesian Networks, Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
  • Good knowledge of common machine learning algorithms (e.g., Logistic Regression, Random Forests, Gradient Boosting, Matrix Factorization, Unsupervised Learning)
  • Knowledge of Multi-Armed Bandits algorithms (e.g., UCB, Thompson Sampling, Contextual Bandits)

Add-On Skills

  • Experience with advertising or conversion optimization (e.g., AdWords, Google Shopping, Real Time Bidding, Conversion funnels, Email marketing)
  • Experience with parallel frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark)
  • Experience designing architectures and technical specifications with IT teams