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About Meghan Gemmill

Meghan is responsible for leading and managing a team of analysts, product managers and marketers to ensure Fusion is providing insight and results for our clients. Meghan holds a Bachelor's degree in Math from the University of Virginia, and a Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Memphis.

Creating a Testing Culture

What is a testing culture? This may vary from organization to organization, but in my mind it means that testing is at the center of every customer-facing change an organization makes. If there is a pending change to a website or mobile application, then we will always look to test the change before making it

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Analytics for Mobile: do we need a new strategy?

If you’re doing business online, the pressure to attract, convert and retain customers is already substantial. The rise in optimization as a “core competency for digital marketers” is the outcome of increasingly fierce online competition and price pressure in almost every category. Mobile raises the stakes further. Your existing analytics may need some adjustment to

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