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Getting Your Customers to “Swipe Right”

Let’s face it – consumers today are empowered. The internet marketplace is officially their playground and resourceful consumers hunt relentlessly for the best deals and satisfying user experiences. In pursuit of the most attractive deal, they’re armed with devices that allow them to search, monitor and purchase, on their terms, at any time, from anywhere

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Speed is Everything

Customers have a need… a need for speed. We live in an age where information can be accessed easily online and from anywhere in the world. In addition to copious amounts of information, a growing percentage of consumers expect products and services to be instantly available for purchase online. Basically—the faster the better, which can

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How Fusion Customers Avoid Internal “IT Queues”

For companies in the digital age, particularly in the airline industry, the pressures of price transparency has increasingly constricted profit margins on core products. Ancillary revenue is a viable solution for maintaining profit margins, while also providing a better-rounded and customized digital shopping experience for customers.

Managing and consistently improving a digital sales platform, that includes

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User Experience: Testing Never Ends

Customers today are informed, connected, savvy and willing to hunt for the best deal. Online ecommerce platforms have drastically changed accessibility and intensified the competition for market share. On the web, mom and pop shops, large retailers and everyone in between, are on a fairly even playing field.  So how can you stand out in

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Customers Increasingly Prefer Online Tickets

Each year millions of Americans go to the theater, explore theme parks with their families and frequent their local movie theater. Trends indicate an increasing percentage of media and entertainment purchases are in the form of online tickets in advance of the event or experience. This provides an opportunity for media and entertainment companies to

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