Optimization technology that’s driven by people.

At Fusion, we’re in the business of connecting customers and online retailers to highly optimized ancillary products in real-time. While many would consider us a marketing technology company, we like to think of ourselves as a people company.

Many of the world’s biggest ecommerce brands also use Fusion’s technology, leveraging their own brand strength to generate additional revenue by giving existing customers an enhanced range of ancillary products and services. Fusion scientifically selects complimentary products to offer customers as they shop online for flights, hotels, events, healthcare, and other goods and services. By consolidating a great deal of ancillary products and merchandising them through a single, intelligent booking engine, Fusion delivers the maximum return for our partners with a minimum website real estate usage.

Most importantly, Fusion makes it easy for customers by providing them with a seamless shopping experience and a single point of purchase for all of their needs. We focus on anticipating the customer’s interests and helping them to find the right product and right offer at the right time. As customers today continue to demand an increasingly personalized experience, Fusion works to deliver what they want, sometimes before they know they want it.

Handling 742 million offers across 46 countries and in 31 different currencies every year, Fusion is the A to Z ancillary partner, employing more than 80 people in Richmond (US) and London (UK).