Creating a Testing Culture

What is a testing culture? This may vary from organization to organization, but in my mind it means that testing is at the center of every customer-facing change an organization makes. If there is a pending change to a website or mobile application, then we will always look to test the change before making it

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Five Reasons Customers Convert

People like to think they are in control of their actions. However, decision making is influenced by two parts – external and internal motivators. External motivators are demographics. They’re life experiences and attributes causing groups of people to share interests and spending patterns. They’re why millennials plan trips around adventure while GenXer’s and Baby boomers

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Sampling with Hashing

A common technique used when introducing a new idea is to test it against a sample population. If it does well with the sample we can conclude that it will do equally well with a larger audience. We can improve the validity of that conclusion, however, by following a couple of important principles.

Randomness –

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Leading with clear product purpose and value

Test #3: “Leading with clear product purpose and value”
At Fusion, we learned a long time ago that users typically don’t like the thought of adding more to their order than what they came to buy. Users have one goal when they to come to your site, and any offers that add or detract from that goal can

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