Do you know where your customers live? Do you know where they like to fly? What class they prefer and if they like extra legroom? Do you know if they are married or single? You should.

It is impossible to make informed decisions and offer your customers the best airline experience without leveraging the immense amounts of data that is available about their habits and lifestyles. Using data collected from your customers, reviewing it and offering a personalized experience for every individual is what drives sales.

Are you running a sale from Atlanta or Memphis? You should be emailing and running online ads to your customers in those cities. However, you should also recognize when a customer comes to your site from that city, and offer them the sale as well. Customers who save money on flights may splurge on an ancillary product that is offered at checkout. Did they save $100 on a flight? Why not spend the extra $30 for an exit row or bulkhead seat.

Customized shopping experiences combined with seamless user experiences are driving sales in the airline industry. For a great example, see Virgin America’s check out interface. It is the most user-friendly and easy checkout experience in the travel industry. Not only do they make buying a flight easy, but they make it look good. The site also knows your origin city and offers you fares based on previous visits.

Ancillary sales and revenue can get a boost by offering the right product to the right customer at the right time. If you are doing your homework on getting to know your customers individually, you’ll soon understand what offers they like best. For example, family travelers may pay for healthy snacks or business travelers for a seat upgrade.

Knowing what your customers want (why they want it and how they want it) allows you to offer an experience unlike competitors—tailored to a customer’s specific needs for driving sales and keeping them coming back for more.