All travelers have their own routines, habits, and must-haves, especially when they are booking accommodations. Millennials, the oft coveted market of people born in the late 80s and after, are a species of their own when it comes to booking hotels. To attract Millennials, some hotels have created walls covered in screens that display pictures and videos submitted by travelers via social media. According to – a travel website similar to Kayak—Millennials are last-minute bookers, as only 47 percent book their vacation at least 6 months in advance. As a result, a number of apps like Hotel Tonight and cater towards them by offering last minute deals on day-of hotel bookings.

Not only are Millennials more spontaneous and looking for a good time, but they travel more frequently than older generations. The average Millennial is now taking more than nine trips a year. This offers hotels more opportunities to attract the jet-setting demographic. Millennials are also 62 percent more likely to extend a business trip with vacation time, and are quicker to take advantage of loyalty programs than older generations. Nearly a quarter of Millennials surveyed would prefer elite status as a benefit of traveling.

Millennials are also more likely to take advantage of amenities offered by hotels. Providing the option of purchasing massages, spa services and similar travel perks available ahead of time while booking travel will help spur sales. Tourism and travel companies are now working in overdrive to cater to the expanding playing field of Millennial travelers.

This makes targeting Millennials in the right place at the right time, and offering them options that are specifically tailored to their preferences extremely important. Since Millennials are more prone to book travel at the last minute, they are more likely to book their hotels, flights, and other activities at the same time, thereby creating a ripe opportunity for offering ancillary products and services. Not only does this make booking a vacation easier for the customer, but increases a hotel’s bottom line. That means placing an emphasis on offering custom add-on options to travelers while they book their hotels a must. Offering activities like horseback riding, snorkeling, adventure sports and all you can drink options at checkout will help draw the attention of Millennials.

It is especially important to keep in mind that Millennial travelers rely heavily on reviews and recommendations from their peers. Eighty percent of Millennials consider online reviews important when planning a trip. Additionally, their reliance on mobile technology and social media makes offering a convenient, effective and efficient means of booking hotels anywhere, at any time, crucial. A bad booking experience could turn Millennials off from using your site for future purchases, and this could negatively impact future sales. In a recent survey, 57 percent of Millennials are more likely to want to meet someone staying at their hotel, also making word of mouth a very valuable opportunity.

As Millennials begin to make up a larger share of travelers it will be vital to tap into their needs and desires when booking a hotel to ensure you are keeping pace with a rapidly changing industry.

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