What’s the magic formula for adding more revenue?  I hate to break it to you, but there is no magic formula or “secret sauce”.  The way to do it is to test everything – but you have to do it properly and with diligence.  Fusion can help your organization understand your current gaps and provide solutions and advice for your testing team to make the most of every test you run.

These 15 examples of Fusion-led tests should give your team a good starting place for running some tests on your own.  See below for a preview of some of the 15. We’re going to showcase one a week so come back for more results!

Note:  Volume (samples) and conversion rate play a large role in being able to measure such lifts with statistical significance and accuracy.  Your volume and conversion rates will vary!

# Test Idea Result  
1 CTA button color change +30.02% See details
2 Multiple Design Changes +21.09% See details
3 Leading with clear product purpose and value +19.39% See details
4 Adding caution message +30.41% See details
5 Re-designed credit card offer +17.56% See details
6 Price Increase +18.20%
7 Recommendation language +16.53%
8 Stronger ‘No’: Customer responsibility +16.64%
9 Leading with Selection Area +18.13%
10 Highlighting the right background area +64.50%
11 Using enticing numbers like “100%” in marketing language +23.48%
12 Radical Redesign! +16.55%
13 Radio buttons replacing a checkbox +39.20%
14 Social Proof: Using Facts & Figures +18.80%
15 Action Header text +19.39%