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Get ready to grow revenue, drive profits, and increase loyalty.

Give your online customers more of what they want, exactly when they want it.

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They're selling software. We're selling revenue.

More than a product, Fusion is a true partner. With other companies, you can spend more time than money getting up to speed on optimization software. With Fusion, you get a team who’ll work with you at every step to increase the effectiveness – and profitability – of your online commerce strategy.

We're there with you.

Fusion is built on a pay-for-performance business model. After the initial set-up, we make money when you do. This means we’ve got a lot invested in overachieving on your behalf.

Make it click with Fusion.

Using a world-class platform, Fusion brings together cutting-edge data science, an all-encompassing ancillary product suite, and ongoing merchandising strategy from experienced analysts in real-time to deliver your customers targeted, relevant online offers that click.

A true partner.

With Fusion, you get more than just another piece of software.

Advanced Optimization Engineering

We use deep analytics and real-time intelligence to present the right offer to the right person at the right time across all channels.

Speed Matters

In a single moment, Fusion can match a customer persona with statistically backed merchandising.

Pay (only) for Performance

The cost of our services is directly tied to the level of success our clients achieve.

In other words, we only get paid when you do.

Maximize every moment of the customer journey.

With Fusion, your customers receive multiple offers across multiple channels as they move through the sales cycle from browsing to purchasing to post-sale. Mobile, web, kiosk, email, phone. We’re channel champions who make sure the message matches the medium – and the moment.

  • Everybody wins with Fusion. (We’re basically a CMO’s dream).
  • Your customers get a better user experience.
  • Your company generates revenue through higher average transaction values and increased conversions.
  • You get the credit for driving profitability and increasing customer engagement.

Our clients are averaging 20-25% incremental revenue growth per annum.

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